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Holiday | What's In My Makeup Bag

Tuesday, 23 June 2015


Following on from my last post in my Holiday Series, What's In My Wash Bag, I thought I'd do one showing the makeup I'll be taking with me. This will be pretty similar to what I keep in my everyday make up bag, but with a few more products that could be useful for a night out such as a good highlighter or classic red lipstick.
Although I love everything about makeup, buying it, putting it on, how it makes me feel, I've actually been pretty lazy recently and have just stuck to minimal foundation and mascara. This has made me even more excited to go away as I have an excuse to experiment with what I do and go a bit fancier than I have been recently. Nothing too over the top though, just back to my usual everyday cat eye and 90s inspired nude lip.


Starting with a fresh base, I'll be using The Body Shops All-In-One Instablur Primer to smooth out my skin and help reduce the appearance of any pores. I decided to take this with me rather than Benefit's The Porefessional as it's in smaller packaging and I've not really had a chance to try it properly so this will be the perfect opportunity to take it on a test run and see what I think.
My primer will be followed by the Healthy Mix Foundation from Bourjois. I normally struggle with liquid foundations as I have quite dry skin and no matter how much I exfoliate or moisturise beforehand, it always seems to show up my dry patches (any tips on how to deal with this?!). Despite that, this foundation from Bourjois has become an absolute lifesaver for me. I wont lie, it still leaves me with dry patches but they're virtually invisible compared to before and on top of that it's also a pretty perfect match for my skin tone! Can I mention it also smells amazing? It has a gorgeous fruity smell that I can't get enough of and doesn't irritate my sensitive skin, although the fragrance may not be for everyone.
To set my foundation I'm taking Rimmel's Stay Matte Pressed Powder. It's a perfect everyday powder and really helps to keep my foundation in place or take away any unwanted shine, I also use it lightly over lipstick to create the matte effect that I'm so crazy about right now.

For concealing I'm taking NYX's Concealer in the lightest shade as I find it's brilliant at concealing any dark circles under my eyes whilst brightening and giving a natural looking highlight at the same time.
To contour, the Taupe blush from NYX is my new best friend. I purchased this after seeing a lot of people recommend it as a perfect contour shade for pale skin as it has cool undertones to it and is a subtle enough colour to provide a natural looking contour to your face.
If I want to add touch of colour to my cheeks I have another blush from NYX, Dusty Rose, that's my current go to choice. It looks fairly strong in the pan but is lovely, light and soft when applied. It's also easy to build up so if I do want a deeper tint I can always layer it until I get the desired shade.
To blend Taupe and Dusty Rose I have a blush from Rimmel in Bronze. It's a mix of the two colours but with a slight shimmer to it so really helps to merge the two together whilst adding a touch of sparkle if you're after something fancier.
Finally, to highlight my cheekbones and any other areas I'm just using my standard MUA Undress Your Skin Highlighter in Iridescent Gold. I'm currently preferring gold or white toned highlighting over peach/pink as I think it creates a much cleaner look for the Summer and goes better with the bronzed look that's so popular in the hotter months. 



I'm not taking too much in the eye department, well... only three eyeshadow palettes, three eye pencils, a felt tip liner and a mascara, but who's counting? I'll start off by explaining the three palettes.
Two are by one of my all time favourite brands, Makeup Revolution, and the third is by Sleek. Iconic 2, Iconic 3, and the I Divine Au Naturel palette. Iconic 3 has a lot of pink or lighter brown shades which is what I'll be wearing during the day time, but Iconic 2 and Au Naturel have all the colours needed for the perfect night time smokey eye (you can also tell I desperately need a new version of Au Naturel which I may pick up when I do my last minute holiday shopping).
Two NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils will also be accompanying me, Milk and Black Bean. These are absolutely brilliant as they're so creamy, blendable, and super pigmented! Milk is a popular choice for lining the waterline but I also like to use it as a base for my eyeshadow and a put a smidge of it blended out to highlight my brow bone. Black Bean is one of the best black liners I've come across. You only need one swipe for an opaque colour and as above, it's insanely blendable and dark which makes it perfect for if you want a full on smokey eye look. I'm also bringing along my Model Co eye liner that I got in an issue of Glamour. I love this eyeliner right now as it's so pigmented, soft and long lasting though I'm unsure if I'll repurchase it as it's about £12 more than I'd usually spend on a plain old kohl liner!
To create a suitable base for my eyeshadow and liner I'm going to use a standard Eye Primer from MUA. I like this as it keeps my eyeshadow in place and is also slightly tinted so evens out the colour of my bare eyelid, making a cleaner base and therefore more vibrant eyeshadow.
For my usual eyeliner flick I'm using the Extreme 24 Hour Felt Tip Liner by Collection. I am crazy about this product, I recommend it to everyone I know and haven't used anything else for a few years now as fulfils every liner need I have and only £2.99! If you haven't tried this yet, go out and get it, it'll change your eyeliner game for good.
To finish it all off I have Bourjois' 2 Step Volumizer Mascara, this is one of those mascaras that comes with one wand but has two different uses or steps. It works by pulling the wand through a thicker wand stem (I am terrible at explaining this) which removes any excess mascara allowing you to have volumized but clump free lashes, Step 1. Step 2 uses the two wands together (one inside the other to create a thicker wand) and means you don't remove any excess by pulling it through. This gives you thick lashes, a look that I love and I was surprised by how well this mascara really worked. I love how my lashes look with this as I hate wearing falsies but like quite a dramatic lash to accentuate my eyes and this does the job brilliantly.


I'm lucky that I have great natural brows (they're the only part of my face that I will ever be confident about so excuse the cockiness!) and can get away with leaving them as they are but I personally like the look of filled in brows as it just makes me look that little bit more polished. I was originally going to take my Sleek Brow Kit but I've recently found that the reddish tint in it is slightly annoying as I have naturally dark brows and it doesn't match now that I'm back to having black hair. With this in mind I decided to treat myself to NYX's Eyebrow Gel when I did a huge NYX haul as I've heard brilliant things about it and I'm definitely impressed. I went for the shade Espresso as it's a dark brown that's quite similar to my natural brow colour and you only need the tiniest amount so it's well worth it!
To set the brows I'm just using a Natural Collection Clear Mascara as it was cheap and it does an excellent job at really keeping my brows in place although you don't really need it with the NYX Brow Gel as it's extremely long lasting on its own but I have quite thick brows so I like to use it to make sure they stay smooth and don't get overly bushy throughout the day.



As you may have heard me mention in older posts, I never really used to wear much lipstick, or any at all. Since I treated myself to a few NYX ones however, I've developed an extremely unhealthy addiction to various lipsticks and liners. I've even been wearing deep berry colours out of the house, a thought that used to terrify me. With my new found lipstick freedom I've decided to go all out for Paris and I'm taking a few different shades with me. 
For every day wear I'm taking my two all time favourite nude shades, the NYX Matte Lipsticks in Euro Trash and Whipped Caviar. These are absolutely gorgeous colours and go with virtually any makeup look you could think of. I'll be teaming them with two NYX Slim Lip Pencils, Natural and Mauve. Natural is a great 'my lips but better' shade or could be used to turn your lips into a good base colour for something darker, whereas Mauve is still a fairly natural colour but a slight purple (well duh, mauve?) tint to it.
Moving on from my everyday lipsticks, I'm taking two lip creams which aren't as natural as Whipped Caviar and Eurotrash but still very wearable everyday pinks. The first is NYX's Soft Matte Lip Cream in Stockholm. It's a soft, natural peachy pink that applies beautifully and lasts even through eating and drinking. The second is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in shade 07. It has a matte finish, similar to the NYX Lip Cream but is a darker pink, perfect for if you want to glam up your look without it being too over the top for everyday wear.
Finally, on to the darker colours. I'm taking three of these and a lipliner to help them stay longer as I'll mostly be wearing them when we go out to eat in the evenings. First up I have Diva by MAC, I chose this along with Twig and a few eye shadows when I got a MAC voucher for my birthday but it's the only one I haven't used yet. I see it raved about so much and when I swatch it I really do love the colour, I'll just have to see how it fares on my lips. It's a deep browny red with a slight berry undertone which is what I wanted as I find that orangey reds just don't suit me at all. Similar to this is my next choice, a £1 offering by Makeup Revolution in a shade called Reckless. It's pretty much an identical colour just slightly redder with a glossier finish. I thought this would be great to bring along just to layer on top of Diva or for quick touch ups when I'm out and about.
The final pick is a Topshop Lip Bullet. I'd been after one of  these for a while and when I saw my friend, Emma, wearing Get Me Bodied I knew I had to have it. It's more purple than the other two but still slightly red which is good as I'm not ready to try a full purple lipstick yet! I also got a Collection Lip Definer in Damsonto go with it as the two colours are nearly identical. Being able to prep my lips with it before applying Get Me Bodied makes it last even better as I find that if I wear it on its own it starts to wear off quicker in the middle of my lips, not a great look!

Tools, Brushes & Storage

To round up this ridiculously long post I'll quickly talk you through what tools and makeup brushes I'll be taking, and what I'll be keeping everything in. 
I'm taking 11 brushes with me, a mix of my Real Techniques ones and some from a set that I purchased off eBay and absolutely love. For my face I'm taking a buffing brush as I prefer how my foundation looks when applied with it, contour brush, a small powder brush which I'll use to apply my Stay Matte powder where needed, my flat concealer brush, a tiny brush that I'll use to clean up areas like my lip line or above/below my eyebrows, and finally a fan brush that I find brilliant for applying highlighter. 
The other brushes I'm taking are all for my eye area, a spooly and another bristle brush that I use to comb out my brows, a flat eyeshadow brush, a rounded eyeshadow brush, a blending brush and finally my small angled brush that I use to do my eyebrows. This may sound like a lot of brushes to take but since I started using brushes I can't stand applying any makeup with my fingers (other than primer) so I figured it's best to have too many and end up with spares/backups. 
In terms of 'tools' I'll just be using my standard H&M metallic pink Eyelash Curler, a small pair of nail scissors as they're always handy to have on you, a Philips nose hair trimmer which I use on places like my mono brow or upper lip hair (I'm half Arabic, I have to okay), an eyeliner sharpener and whatever tweezers I'm currently using to keep on top of any stray hairs that may appear.
I also picked up two new makeup bags from Primark as they were only £3 each and have a brilliant summery feel to them. I got two as I prefer to store my brushes, tools and palettes separate to my loose makeup just to keep everything clean and allow for any extra items I may buy out there


I apologise about the length of this post, it's probably the longest one I've written but if you actually managed to make it through the whole thing then well done! I hope this has given you an idea of what you may need to take on your holiday, or probably skip half the items I included and make it into a "How Not To Over Pack Your Makeup" guide! I'm planning on hitting Sephora while I'm in Paris so if you have any recommendations for me, leave them below and I'll definitely have a look while I'm there.

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