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Friday, 28 November 2014

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I've recently had some incredible news and found out that I've managed to get my dream job and am now an official Topshop employee! This means that I want to up my game when dressing for work as I'll be able to dress slightly more casual and wear more of my own clothes rather than at my previous job. To get me inspired for starting work and give me some clothing ideas I've decided to put together a few outfit wishlists, starting with this one which is excellent for when I'm not feeling like making too much of an effort but still want to look my best. It consists of mainly dark colours but they aren't overly dull thanks to the white on the skirt and glitter in the top and shoes. I've also used all gold jewellery and dark red accents with the lipstick and nails to dress it up and ensure that I don't look like a wall of black! 

Lurex is really in this season and it's something that I personally am crazy about right now. What I loved about this top was that it actually has a sheer back which along with the lurex pattern, adds a twist to what would otherwise be just a plain t-shirt. I paired it with a Gold Filigree Necklace to further break up all the monochrome shades while still keeping it tied in with the gold extras.

Watches are something that I often forget to add to my outfits (probably because mine has ran out of batteries and I keep forgetting to get them changed!) but recently I've been on the hunt for a few new ones as I've started to see them as an accessory as well as a practical option. I've fallen in love with this Olivia Burton one, the black watch face with the gold detailing is a great alternative to the standard white and means it fits in perfectly with the rest of this outfit.

I've never personally tried a Topshop lipstick but I've only ever heard good things from them and I recently found out that the Topshop makeup line is made by the same people who make MAC?! This deep plummy red is the perfect colour for autumn and at under a tenner it's also the perfect present to treat one of your besties to for Christmas.

What caught my eye with these earrings was how they're gold with black stones in them rather than multicoloured gems which are popular right now. It makes them so much more wearable for work and everyday style without looking like you're trying too hard.

I'm really into stacking rings and layering them up which is why I chose this set, they fit with the rest of the gold jewellery but add a slight girly touch with the paler colours and pretty detailing, perfect for drawing attention to your hands and ensuring that they aren't left feeling ignored!

This is one of my favourite pieces from the whole wishlist. I have so many gold chain necklaces which means this would be a great addition to my bracelet collection as I could pair them together but the twisted metal rather than chains would prevent them from looking too matchy and not overwhelm me with thick chains (sorry Christian Grey).

Slipper style flats are one of my favourite shoe styles as they're perfect for every day wear but the shape means they're different to regular flats and therefore just a little bit more ambitious and interesting. The glitter on these is what drew me in as like many other girls out there, I'm insane for anything glittery! The perk of the glitter on these is that it's extremely wearable, the colour isn't too in your face but there's just enough sparkle to make them stand out and add a fancy twist to your daily outfit. 

8. Topshop Matte Nails in Dress Up (Alternative Matte Metallic in Behave)
Berry Red is my current go to nail colour. It matches virtually any look you go for and is always an essential Autumn or Winter shade. The fact that this is matte mixes it up from the standard glossy nail look, and even more so if you went for the metallic alternative. (How does a metallic matte shade even work, I'm intrigued!)

This is definitely my favourite item from the wishlist. I love skirts but often find it difficult to stray from my love of black ones to something more confident. This is where this skirt comes in, the white check adds extra pattern and colour but still keeps it fairly monochrome and within my comfort zone. Perfect for branching out with my choices but not being too bold!

So, what do you think of this outfit? Is it something that you'd consider wearing to work yourself or are there a few items in it that you love, let me know in the comments!

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