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My Gym Clothing Essentials

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Recently I've been on a bit of a health kick and trying to get myself back to a shape which I'm happy in (don't worry I don't want to lose weight, just tone up!) which has resulted in me joining my local gym. Since I've joined I've become more interested in what people wear to the gym and how to stay comfortable yet still look stylish or unique. This led me on a hunt for some gym gear that was practical yet still let me keep an element of individuality that I knew would encourage me to go and work out even more.

When searching for some suitable gym wear with my criteria in mind I came across Activate Apparel, an American company that sells comfy gym tops with catchy slogans and pop culture references. I had a browse through their website and ended up with a wishlist as long as my arm which I slowly narrowed down to a few items, and then chose my two favourites to place an order for. My order came to £33 for two tops and free shipping from America and my order arrived just over a week later which was incredibly fast when you consider it had to come 3000+ miles. All their products are printed on American Apparel tees and tanks which means you're guaranteed to get a high quality product that will last and not fall apart after one wash, something that was apparent as soon as I opened my parcel and felt how soft but strong the items were as I'm a big lover of quality over quantity. The first tank top that I went for was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer themed one as I'm a huge fan of Buffy and of course I needed something to make me feel as badass as her while I'm working out. The second is downright brilliant and I'm so pleased with it as everyone who knows me knows how much I love pizza but also how much I hate running, so this top is completely accurate when it says 'Will Run For Pizza' as that's pretty much the only thing I would ever run for!

Aside from the tops I also have my beloved pair of Nike Air Pegasus 28 trainers. I spotted these in a Nike outlet near me with £40 off (bargain!) and fell in love straight away. They're bright and eye-catching without being, well, a bit un-stylish basically which was the problem I had when trying to find some gym shoes. My love for these was only increased when I tried them on. Oh my god. They're the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. They fit snug on my feet without being too tight and every step I take in them literally resembles walking on pillows. Although as I stated above, I don't run, I can imagine running in these would be a dream and the comfort I feel when walking in them pushes me towards experimenting with running or jogging as I know they'll keep my feet and ankles secure when doing so and will only make it easier.


My last gym wear essentials are simple, sports bra and a well fitted pair of leggings. I'm not too fussed about these two pieces so all I did was purchase another pair of my favourite leggings from H&M and pick up a standard sports bra in Primark. Even though I wasn't too bothered when buying them both of these items are well worth the money I spent as they keep me feeling safely tucked in so my wobbly parts aren't flapping around for everyone to see. I was especially surprised with the sports bra as I didn't expect it to fit as perfectly as it did nor feel anywhere near as comfortable. It's also incredibly flattering and teamed with one of my tank tops and my Nikes I definitely feel pretty damn good about myself when I go to the gym which only makes me more motivated!

In addition to what I'm usually wearing to the gym I also take with me a hoodie in case the walk home is chilly now that it's getting colder and a small tote bag in which I just stash some basic things like my house keys, body spray, water phone, headphones, iPod or a bikini and a towel if I'm going swimming afterwards. I hoped you enjoyed reading about my gym essentials, where do you get your gym clothing from or are you like me and just wear what you like? Don't forget to let me know!


  1. I love these especially the shoes!! :) So eyecatching!

  2. Those trainers are AWESOME!! Love them!
    Your gym style is exactky wehat mine would be (if I went the gym), love the tops too
    x tink x


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