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Burghley Film Festival

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


I'm incredibly lucky as a huge 'history nerd' to live in an area filled with many amazing Stately Homes pretty much right on my doorstep. My mum and I like to visit them often even if it's just for a walk, with one of our favourites being Burghley House as it has a beautiful house, grounds and gardens. So of course when we saw them advertising their annual film festival we immediately went online to check if there was anything we wanted to see and thankfully there was! We were initially stuck between two of their evening showings, one featuring Top Gun and Dirty Dancing, the other had Breakfast at Tiffany's followed by The Notebook. Eventually we chose the latter as we thought it would be fun to have a girly evening out and they're also two of our favourite films.


When the night eventually came around we went off armed with picnic food, blankets, and camping chairs but at least we weren't the only ones as everyone else had the same idea which made it even more exciting. The location of the screen is at the back of the house so we got to walk up the drive (I felt like an absolute Queen) which is normally locked, to the front of the house and around the side to the huge garden at the back. The screen was the perfect size to be able to watch without taking away from the beauty of your surroundings and everyone was able to have a perfect view which meant nobody was fighting for places or sitting on top of each other. There was also a marquee selling alcoholic and normal drinks, popcorn, and various other foods such as salads and BBQ meat. We treated ourselves two alcoholic slushies which were lovely then found our perfect spot and settled down with all our food out to snack on while we waited for the night to begin. 

The combination of the two films was such a well thought out choice by the people who ran the event as they're two of the best romantic films ever and go so well together. It meant that there was something for the older film lovers and the younger ones too, uniting different generations through a love of cinema (and possibly shirtless Ryan Gosling). Before we went I was worried that we wouldn't be able to see or hear the films clearly enough to properly enjoy them but how they had set it all up meant there were no issues at all and they played perfectly. The only downside to the event was that there weren't enough toilets! The rest of it was amazing and so cheap for such a beautiful evening, I'm already planning to go back next year without even knowing what films will be on!

Have any of you ever been to a similar event to this? I'd definitely love to visit more film festivals similar to this, especially FrightFest so recommendations for others are definitely very welcome! 


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