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Red Sky at Night

Saturday, 26 July 2014

One of my favourite things to do is to watch how the sky changes, especially in the evenings when the sun is setting and the colours are changing right before your eyes. The other night I was lucky enough to be treated to a beautiful sunset in my garden, the sky started off a stormy yellow but quickly changed to oranges and reds, then finally my favourite, the beautiful pinks and purples that make up the sky just before the sun has completely set. 

I barely had time to snap these photographs as everything was changing so quickly but thankfully I did and I just wanted to share them here as the views really were beautiful. I think that everyone should always try and take a few minutes out of their day to do something like this, whether it be appreciating the sunset or finding something pleasing in a place where you'd least expect it, it really brings you back to earth and makes you appreciate how incredible our world is sometimes, even on an insignificant July evening in England.


  1. I adore watching the sky change so much, as you can tell from my instagram! Defeintely my favourite part of the day :D

    Alex |

  2. I am obsessed with sunsets! Love this post! I just nominated you here for the liebster award:


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