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Saturday, 19 July 2014

My boyfriend is going to be moving in to his own place soon and luckily for me, he's given me pretty much free rein to decorate it however I like as long as he 'approves' of my decisions. With this in mind I may have gone a little overboard with all the home planning recently, my bookmarks are full of little bits and bobs that I'd love to get him (or us considering we will eventually be moving in together) and I'm constantly on the lookout for more home inspiration. To keep track of all my ideas I've decided to do a few posts showing you what I'm imagining for each room with a moodboard to go with it and maybe some individual pieces that I've been lusting over.

I'll be starting with my kitchen inspiration as it's a room that I've envisioned having as an extension of the living spaces, comfortable, homely, yet still with a twist to make it stand out. I prefer having eating nooks in kitchens for every day use rather than a separate dining room as it makes it more personal and turns it into a central area of the house, this goes with my dreams of a welcoming space where you can relax in between preparing and eating your meals.
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As you can see I really love neutral colours such as whites or greys with colourful accents like the mustard yellow and teal to keep it clean and bright but still have that comforting touch. I also like the idea of finding some old wooden chairs and repainting them funky colours to stand out and go with a white or plain wood table, something that could be a cheap alternative to buying a whole new table and chair set or a way to add colour if you live in a rented place and can't paint your walls. I'm also loving white brick back splashes, they're easy to maintain but make your kitchen look that bit more expensive in my opinion and would protect your walls from food stains.

Ideally I'd want to find a way to make the kitchen look traditional with modern focal points like a blackboard wall, the white brick, or even some framed art prints around the room. To keep a more traditional aspect I'd have the wooden furniture and a bookcase filled with all my cookbooks and family recipes that have been passed down to me. If I had a bigger kitchen I'd also love a squishy sofa for friends to relax on when they came over for coffee but that's just a dream to keep my mind on for the future...

If you enjoy these types of posts I also have my Pinterest account where I pin more home inspiration and decor or furniture items that I want, you can find me here. What kind of themes do you want for your kitchen? Do you want it modern and fresh or traditional with an Aga and country patterns everywhere! Let me know in the comments.

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  1. beautiful inspiration! when i get my own place i want a mostly white kitchen, with hints of grey and mint :)

    from helen at

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