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Red Sky at Night

Saturday, 26 July 2014

One of my favourite things to do is to watch how the sky changes, especially in the evenings when the sun is setting and the colours are changing right before your eyes. The other night I was lucky enough to be treated to a beautiful sunset in my garden, the sky started off a stormy yellow but quickly changed to oranges and reds, then finally my favourite, the beautiful pinks and purples that make up the sky just before the sun has completely set. 

I barely had time to snap these photographs as everything was changing so quickly but thankfully I did and I just wanted to share them here as the views really were beautiful. I think that everyone should always try and take a few minutes out of their day to do something like this, whether it be appreciating the sunset or finding something pleasing in a place where you'd least expect it, it really brings you back to earth and makes you appreciate how incredible our world is sometimes, even on an insignificant July evening in England.

Home Inspiration | Kitchen

Saturday, 19 July 2014

My boyfriend is going to be moving in to his own place soon and luckily for me, he's given me pretty much free rein to decorate it however I like as long as he 'approves' of my decisions. With this in mind I may have gone a little overboard with all the home planning recently, my bookmarks are full of little bits and bobs that I'd love to get him (or us considering we will eventually be moving in together) and I'm constantly on the lookout for more home inspiration. To keep track of all my ideas I've decided to do a few posts showing you what I'm imagining for each room with a moodboard to go with it and maybe some individual pieces that I've been lusting over.

I'll be starting with my kitchen inspiration as it's a room that I've envisioned having as an extension of the living spaces, comfortable, homely, yet still with a twist to make it stand out. I prefer having eating nooks in kitchens for every day use rather than a separate dining room as it makes it more personal and turns it into a central area of the house, this goes with my dreams of a welcoming space where you can relax in between preparing and eating your meals.
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As you can see I really love neutral colours such as whites or greys with colourful accents like the mustard yellow and teal to keep it clean and bright but still have that comforting touch. I also like the idea of finding some old wooden chairs and repainting them funky colours to stand out and go with a white or plain wood table, something that could be a cheap alternative to buying a whole new table and chair set or a way to add colour if you live in a rented place and can't paint your walls. I'm also loving white brick back splashes, they're easy to maintain but make your kitchen look that bit more expensive in my opinion and would protect your walls from food stains.

Ideally I'd want to find a way to make the kitchen look traditional with modern focal points like a blackboard wall, the white brick, or even some framed art prints around the room. To keep a more traditional aspect I'd have the wooden furniture and a bookcase filled with all my cookbooks and family recipes that have been passed down to me. If I had a bigger kitchen I'd also love a squishy sofa for friends to relax on when they came over for coffee but that's just a dream to keep my mind on for the future...

If you enjoy these types of posts I also have my Pinterest account where I pin more home inspiration and decor or furniture items that I want, you can find me here. What kind of themes do you want for your kitchen? Do you want it modern and fresh or traditional with an Aga and country patterns everywhere! Let me know in the comments.

Review | Treacle Moon - Ice Cream Soda

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Ice Cream Soda

You may already have seen my review of another Treacle Moon product, Those Lemonade Days, but I liked it so much that I've actually picked up a few more since then and I'm bringing you a review of my latest choice! I went for another Bath & Shower Gel but this time chose a sweeter scent from their Candy Jar to use when I want a comforting bath in the evenings before bed.

The main reason I chose Ice Cream Soda over the other sweeter options was because it smells seriously amazing, it reminds me of toffee/caramel, or vanilla ice cream with caramel sauce on top. It really does smell good enough to eat. Like Lemonade Days it lathers well and is especially bubbly when used in the bath and combined with another bubble bath (I like to use it with a moisturising one because I have dry/sensitive skin and it just takes the edge off Cream Soda and doesn't leave me with dry skin afterwards). My only negative is that the smell isn't as strong or doesn't last as long as I would like although it does slightly linger on your skin and is still enough to keep me satisfied, this would make it perfect for someone who doesn't want to feel overwhelmed by a sickly-sweet scent.

I am a huge fan of Treacle Moon products, they're a great alternative if you're like me and are forever lusting over the Philosophy range but can't afford anything. At £2.99 for 500ml you're definitely getting your money's worth plus they always seem to have a new product to try out every time I go to Tesco, there was an amazing Apple Pie one the other day that had me really excited for Autumn. Next I think I'm going to try one of their body scrubs as exfoliating is something that I always forget to do but a good smelling scrub will definitely make me more inclined to keep that in my shower routine!

What products by Treacle Moon have you tried, which is your favourite or do you know a brand similar to this that's also a cheap alternative to Philosophy? Let me know in the comments! 

Review | FreePrints

Thursday, 10 July 2014

When I saw Kirsty from HelloZelda post about an app called FreePrints, I knew I had to download it straight away. It lets you choose photos you want printed from your phone and sends them straight to your doorstep for only a few pounds! When you first sign up you get 10 6" x 4" photos sent for you completely free, you don't even have to pay postage. After those initial 10 you get 45 free photos a month where you do have to pay for postage but it's only £1.49 to £3.99 at the most which is still more than affordable.

The actual photos are free if they're 6" x 4" which is the size of disposable camera photos so still a brilliant and handy size, perfect for photo albums. You'll have to pay if you want a different size, such as the Instagram square shape, but they're still super cheap for alternative sizes and won't put you out of pocket! The quality of the photos is also the same as what you'd expect from disposable cameras, with a glossy finish that look great straight on your walls, in a photo album, or even framed. 


I think this is a great idea as I've been wanting to have some of my Instagram photos printed off for months and months and this app is such a quick and easy way to do it. The ordering process is simple, you choose your photos, choose a size, wait for them to upload, then go ahead and order them. It can all be done within a matter of minutes and even our parents who don't quite 'get' how to use smartphones can use it haha! Another brilliant feature of the app is that you can choose the photos you want directly from your Instagram! Perfect if you have a few snaps on there of you and your friends that you really want on your walls but don't have saved. You can also choose them from your Flickr, Facebook and just your normal camera 

My photos arrived a few days after I ordered them and they were in great condition and quality, I was definitely impressed as I honestly didn't expect that for the low price and the fact that my first 10 were free. I chose a few from my time in Florida, one of my boyfriend, me and my best friends, and finally one of my kitten. I'm so pleased with this discovery, it means I can finally start putting some of my favourite photos on my walls and in photo albums so I can look back on them when I'm old and grey and remember it all. 

If you'd like to place an order yourself, you can use my invite code: bhamilton7 and earn 5 bonus prints a month, great for if you too have a lot of photos you want to get printed off!

Etsy Spotlight | Oh Gosh, Cindy!

Saturday, 5 July 2014

I discovered Oh Gosh, Cindy after seeing someone I follow on Instagram post about purchasing a few items from her store and was instantly drawn in by the incredibly detailed yet quirky watercolours that she sells. I've been searching for more unique artwork to decorate my walls with when I finally move out and Cindy's prints are perfect for that, she combines popular characters from TV or films with feminine and soft watercolours and the results are amazing.

After having a browse through her prints and favouriting almost all of them, I decided to purchase some of the smaller greeting card ones to eventually frame and hang on my walls. I went for the Dwight Schrute one as I'm a huge fan of The Office and Dwight will forever be my favourite character, as well as a Buffy the Vampire Slayer and an Amélie card, then finally a Walter White one as a little treat for my boyfriend. 

They were sent out on a Monday and I received them on Wednesday which was brilliant as I only paid £11.20 in total. Just over £10 for four cards and first class shipping is such a bargain! The prints arrived in perfect condition (which you can't always guarantee with Royal Mail around me...) and actually look even better than they did on their Etsy listings, Cindy also included a sweet thank you note and one of her business cards that added a personal touch. It's pretty safe to say that I am beyond pleased with my purchases and don't have a single negative thing to say. 

Next on my wishlist are the Daisy Buchanan, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Mary Poppins prints, they're so beautiful and they're the perfect things to have around my makeup area! I also have my eye on the Clueless Cher and Tai greeting cards and the crying Lauren Conrad watercolour. Have you purchased any of Oh Gosh Cindy's art, what did you get? Or do you have any other similar Etsy artists or stores that you think I'd like? Leave me a comment below!

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