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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Etsy is hands down one of my favourite websites. If you don't know what it is, it's basically a way cooler version of eBay that sells handmade or vintage items by individual sellers. They also have a huge section dedicated to all the craft supplies you could ever dream of! It's a great way to find unique items and also to discover new artists who sell their beautiful artwork at affordable prices. I have the app on my phone as I love to browse through it when I'm bored and favourite items which I'd love to purchase in the future. I decided to do a small series showing you some of my favourite items or shops/artists currently on Etsy to hopefully give you all an insight into the kind of things that I like and also give due exposure to the products or people that I feature. I'm going to start it off with some of the art pieces that I'm currently lusting over as I'm redecorating my room right now and want to buy more individual artwork or similar items for my walls.

Terrarium No.1 Postcard | Terrarium No.2 Postcard

The first two prints are by an artist that I discovered recently on Etsy, Oana Befort. I fell in love with her work straight away as it's so detailed but has a slight element of surrealism which is one of my favourite art movements. She states that she gets most of her inspiration from nature, people, animals, insects, vintage books and daily life, which you can immediately see in her pieces and I'm really drawn to the nature/floral/animal aspects. As well as having a bunch of beautiful different artwork in her shop, she also accepts custom orders. I'm definitely going to purchase some items off her in the near future as they'd really suit the theme that I want for my room and even without that, they're amazing!

Harry Potter Flying Car Poster | Peter Pan Poster

The next two pieces are two that I've had favourited for a while now by Seal Design Studio which is owned by an artist, Leon, and a designer, May, based in Sydney. They specialise in modern decor prints which are simple yet would look great in any room in any house. The main reason I was drawn to their shop was because of their incredible Star Wars inspired prints, as well as the Disney and Harry Potter ones which I have featured above. They'd make a great present for any Star Wars fan, but I personally really want the Peter Pan moon poster above, it's super cute!


Valar Morghulis | Goest & F-keth Thyself
These  two pieces are slightly different from the others as they're not directly 'art' and maybe a little more 'provacative' than what some people may be used to but I saw them on Tumblr and thought they were brilliant! I love cross-stitching myself and would love to create my own things like this which I may look at doing soon. These two are from the Naughty Little Stitch shop owned by a mama living in Belgium who stitches for fun in her free time, and I especially love the second one, the purple flowers are adorable and I think the quote on it is brilliant too.


Soul Made of Meadow Flowers | Wild Air
Katie Daisy is the owner of The Wheatfield and creates unique art pieces with a combination of delicate hand lettering and bright illustrations. Her work is another that I've found through Tumblr and have had in my favourites for a good while now. I've not yet gotten around to purchasing anything from her, partly because I love everything she does and find it so hard to pick just a few that I want. Her work is so refreshing and she does a lot of flora and fauna inspired art as well as illustrating inspiring quotes. If I had even a tiny bit of her talent I'd be so pleased with myself, unfortunately I don't but at least I can buy her work to have in my house instead! 


Oak Forest and the Siskiyou | Orion and the Blue Ridge Mountains

Elise Mahan is yet another artist on Etsy that I found through Tumblr. In her shop she sells a mix of etheral landscaps and sky scenes inspired by astromony, natural history, and the universe. She creates her paintings using a range of materials which include watercolor, ink, graphite, metallic pigments, and collage elements. Her work is slightly darker than the others that I've featured so far but there's something about it that I really like. It's also quite simple yet detailed at the same time which definitely makes it interesting to look at, always a plus because nobody wants boring artwork! 


I hope you enjoyed this small glimpse into a few of the amazing artists and artwork that you can find on Etsy. Hopefully you may have found a few things you like through this post, or even just ended up having a browse through the site to see what you could find for yourself. Feel free to link me to any similar artists or pieces that you think I may like, I'm always looking for more!

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