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Review | Treacle Moon - Those Lemonade Days

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Those Lemonade Days

I went in to Tesco the other day to pick up some prawn Pringles (my guilty addiction) but ended up leaving with a few new bath bits too, one of them being this bath and shower gel from Treacle Moon. I'd never tried anything by Treacle Moon before this but had seen them before and thought they looked like a cheaper version of the Philosophy products. At £2.99 for 500ml they're extremely good value for money and a great alternative if you don't want to fork out more money for something from the Philosophy range. The packaging on the Treacle Moon range is so sweet but simple, they all feature a quote on the front and a little about the company on the back as well as a little note saying 'please don't eat this product...' which really made me laugh. As an extra bonus, none of their products are tested on animals and I know that people are always on the look out for more products that don't endorse animal testing cruelty, this is one of them.

It took me a while to decide which one to go for as I was stuck between Those Lemonade Days and Iced Strawberry Dream which smelt like strawberry milkshake. As I already have a few sweet scented shower and bath gels I decided to go for Lemonade Days but will probably go pick up a few more soon as I have such high opinions of this one. It smells like a mix of lemon sherbet and lemonade ice lollies which reminds me of my childhood and summer holidays and after using I found that the scent didn't fade away which is always a bonus as I love smelling nice all day long. 

As this can actually be used in the bath I like to combine it with a tiny bit of moisturising bath milk and I found that although it's not a 'proper' bubble bath, it still filled my bath with so many bubbles, even more than some bubble baths do. When used as a shower gel it lathered up extremely well and left my skin feeling baby soft and clean, there's nothing worse than a shower gel that barely bubbles up and dries out your skin. Fortunately this was the complete opposite!

My only quibble with Lemonade Days is that the formula of the gel was a little too runny for me and my clumsiness. I always prefer thicker shower and bath gels as I have a tendency to get really excited and squeeeeeeze the product out, with this being more runny than some it meant I ended up using way too much and half of it ended up on the shower floor haha. Other than that I'm definitely head over heels in love with this, and I'm definitely going to stock up on a few more scents when I go back to Tesco, possibly Iced Strawberry Dream and their Cream Soda one though I'm open to any recommendations you may have. Props to Treacle Moon for creating an affordable Philosophy dupe!


  1. Love this!

  2. Ahh the smell of this sounds incredible! :)


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