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Day Out | Eden Hall Spa

Sunday, 23 February 2014

At the end of January my mum and I went on a day trip to Eden Hall Spa as a post-Christmas treat together. We'd never been to a spa before so it was a new experience for both of us and one that was well worth it in the end. There are a range of packages that you can choose from but we decided to go for the Relaxing Ritual Day which was £109 and included unlimited use of the salt-water vitality swimming pool, access to all water therapies and saunas/steam rooms, your choice of a facial or back massage, as well as a three course meal in their Seventh Heaven Restaurant. You could also take exercise classes or use their well equipped gym but me and my mum took one look at that and backed off. No exercise for us!

View of one of the garden areas in the snow
We arrived there at about half 9 in the morning and were given a locker key, towel and dressing gown for the day, although you could get new towels and robes which was great as I ended up getting both mine soaked when we went outside. The first thing we did was put our swimming costumes on and gofor a wander. You get pretty much free roam of the spa which I loved as it meant that everyone was spaced out and you weren’t all stuck in the same area so you didn't feel overcrowded.

The building itself was beautiful, it's a listed mansion which was built in 1875 and oh my god I wish I could live in a place like that. The restaurant rooms were in the turrets of the building and had the most amazing ceilings, I was almost more in love with the building that I was with the spa!

As well as having the pool, gym and sauna areas, they also have hot tubs and gardens outside which would be lovely to explore in the summer, a post-treatment area, a Moroccan themed 'slumber lounge' which was filled with giant bean bags where you could go and relax, and a conservatory lounge/cafe where you could also wait for your treatments or grab a coffee.

The sauna area and water bench which I loved!
Braving the outdoor hot tubs in the snow and rain
After we'd had a little fun exploring we went back to the pool and sauna area to try out the various water therapies and steam rooms. We had loads of fun doing this as all the little rooms are based in a circle so you could hop out one and straight into the next, there was also a certain order you were meant to do them in to feel the full benefits which was quite interesting to try out. Some of the steam rooms were too hot for me, but there was one which had a really intense peppermint scent to it which I loved. I actually spent most of my time relaxing on a bench which had water flowing down it and a small pool at the bottom with jets to put your feet on, for some reason I really enjoyed that and found it unbelievably calming. Simple minds haha!
The pool has loungers on both sides which you can relax on, and two hot tub type mini pools which contained massage jets. The water in the pool was lovely, not too hot or too cold and was deep enough to be able to swim in but shallow enough for you to be able to relax and not feel out of your depth. 

I had a facial included in the day package that we chose and also paid extra to have a Frangipani Wrap too. My facial was in the morning, a few hours after arriving, and I loved every minute of it. The woman who did it for me was so lovely and talked me through the products that she was going to use and what she was going to do for my skin. I also had to fill in a form on which I detailed my problem areas, skin type and what I wanted to achieve from my facial and wrap which was really useful as it meant she targeted the areas that I’d said I needed sorting out and used specific products to help with them so every facial is tailored to you and your skin. The appointment was 40 minutes long but went by far too quickly as I felt so relaxed! I don't think my skin has ever felt as good as it did afterwards. It was completely clear, no blackheads, no dry patches, and extremely soft. I'm so glad I decided to have it done and if I ever go back I will hands down definitely be opting for another facial.

The main buffet room of the restaurant

After the facial we went off for our three course lunch which is included in the price of your day. You get to choose from a set menu but I had a hard time deciding as all the dishes sounded delicious. There was also mini buffet of side dishes, and I'm not ashamed to say that I loaded up two bowls with fish and extra buttery carrots because they were just so good. For my starter I went for a goat’s cheese salad and I chose chicken wrapped in bacon as my main course. I didn't have a pudding as I was stuffed after all the carrots that I had eaten but I tried some of my mums chocolate mousse and I was definitely impressed. When we had finished our lunch we decided to go lay down in the slumber lounge for an hour as we couldn't go back in the pool so soon after eating. I actually ended up having a nap on one of the giant bean bags as it was so comfortable and with the relaxing music playing, I couldn't help but fall asleep! 

We were feeling refreshed after our nap on the bean bags so we went back to the pool for an hour or so for a swim and another explore around the saunas before our next appointments. For my second one I opted for a Frangipani Wrap which basically involved me having my whole body exfoliated, covered in oil, then being wrapped up in foil to let it sink in. I also really enjoyed this as it left my skin feeling incredibly silky smooth afterwards but if I go back I'll probably just have the facial done as I felt like I had benefited from that more. The products that they use for the treatments are all high-end and you can definitely tell by how good you're left feeling afterwards. Unfortunately I didn't buy any of the products that they used but if you wanted to they had some really great deals on in their shop which is another bonus of having the spa day. 

Conservatory cafe and treatment waiting room
When my second treatment had finished I met my mum in the conservatory and we went back to the pool to sit on one of the loungers and read for a while. It was around 5pm by the time we had finished so we decided to get changed and head home. The changing rooms are well equipped with lockers, toilets, cubicles to change in, and even showers! A great addition after a day in the pool or sweating it out in the steam rooms. 

Overall I really enjoyed my day at Eden Hall. The staff were incredibly friendly and definitely made me feel welcome or able to ask for assistance if I needed anything. The facilities they had in the spa and the treatments itself were definitely well worth the money we paid for the day, and more! I'll definitely be going back soon as it was such a fantastic experience and one that I’d love to do again. Have any of you ever been to a spa before, what kind of treatments did you have done? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. Just found your blog and I really really love it! This post in particular!
    Sounds like you and your mum had a lovely time. The place looks AMAZING.
    So so jealous!
    Estelle x


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