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Ten Things To Do This Christmas

Thursday, 4 December 2014


From October to the end of Winter is my number one time of the year, there's Halloween, my birthday, Christmas, so much to look forward to! As Christmas is the next big event of the year (not counting my birthday on the 1st of December haha) I thought I'd put together a little Christmas idea list full of things you can do to get yourself in the festive spirit.

1. Go To A Christmas Market

This is one of my personal favourites to do around Christmas. There's nothing better than wandering around a German style Christmas Market surrounded by twinkling fairy lights and the smell of mulled wine. It's also a great place to get Christmas gifts as you can usually find presents which are handmade or far more unique than what you could get on the high street, perfect if you want something a little different for that special someone. If you feel like being extra festive and venturing to a market full of Christmas heaven then there's a website here which lists pretty much all of them!

2. Go Ice Skating
Extra ice skating rinks seem to pop up everywhere as Christmas nears, one of the best ones being at Somerset House in London. Ice skating is always something that I forget about, I haven't been for a few years but I absolutely love it and I know many people are the same so why not rekindle your love for it in the perfect Christmas setting surrounded by trees and decorations? Tickets are usually fairly cheap so it could make a great day out if you tied it in with something like a Christmas market or Londons Winter Wonderland.

3. Buy a Real Christmas Tree
Something that I persuade my Mum to do every single year is to buy a real Christmas tree because nothing beats a real one with that incredible pine tree smell. We usually get one from a garden centre near us but there are plenty of places that actually let you choose and chop down your own tree which is an excellent way to add extra fun into the magic of getting your tree and decorating it. There's a great website here that lists a load of tree farms in the UK so have a look if it's something you want to do!

4. Bake Christmas Treats
We all know that December is the one month of the year where every diet or healthy eating regime goes straight out the window in favour of all the divine winter food. Rather than going to stores and buying ready made Christmas treats why not have a go at making your own? It's a great way to spend your days off towards the end of the year (unless you work in retail like me) and can be shared around your family and friends which will definitely make you extremely popular with everyone! My personal favourites to make are definitely Gingerbread Men (recipe here) and Stollen (recipe here). BBC Good Food also has a fantastic Christmas section here, so you can make something to suit every craving.

5. Visit Hogwarts In The Snow
I've been to the Warner Bros Studio Tour twice now as it's no secret that I'm a huge Harry Potter fan but I visited it in the snow myself a few days ago, even if you're aren't that invested in it yourself it's still a great place to visit at Christmas. They decorate the Great Hall and some of their other sets such as the Hogwarts Castle and dorm rooms especially for Christmas and I can tell you, it's really amazing to see. It's overall an incredibly interesting tour as everyone will know of the magical world of Harry Potter so it's great to get behind the films and see how it was all done which isn't something you can really do for any other films.

6. Go To Winter Wonderland
This is similar to visiting a Christmas market but what makes it different is that rather than just being a market, it has a whole range of other activities like the Ice Kingdom, circus shows, and fairground rides. It's free to get in although you will have to pay extra for some of the attractions though it's still fun to just walk around it and take in the sights. It's also fairly near Harrods so you can follow it with another one of my favourite things to do, exploring the Christmas section in Harrods!

7. See The Christmas Lights In Your Area
My mum has done this with me since I was little, we'll drive through the centre of town and see the lights there then go around the streets near us to see how everyone has decorated the outside of their houses. It's a simple and inexpensive thing to do but there's something magical about it which is why I love doing it. It's also become a bit of a tradition now and we'll always look out for the houses that are known for having over the top displays.

8. Get Yourself A Christmas Outfit
I'm not talking about a sparkly dress here, I mean a full on cringe fest outfit combination. Primark is great for this, they sell light up Christmas jumpers, Christmas underwear, Christmas pyjamas, Christmas socks, Christmas knitted leggings. If you can think of it, they'll probably have it. Get yourself a warm, cosy outfit like that then snuggle down with family or friends to have a night in watching your favourite winter classics!

9. Have A Christmas Film Night
This is something that everyone probably does anyway but I thought I'd include it just in case. Put on your warmest winter pyjamas and choose yourself some of the best Christmas films to watch whilst snacking on your favourite food and it'll make a great night in! Some of my favourite films to watch would have to be Home Alone, Love Actually, The Holiday, and The Grinch.

10. Build A Gingerbread House
Building a gingerbread house is a great activity to do on Christmas Eve, especially if there's young kids in your family (though I'm 21 and I love doing it...). You can either make your own gingerbread or you can buy a ready made kit from places such as John Lewis. Stock up on extra sweets and candy canes for extra decoration then have a competition between you and your relatives to see who can make the best one! Just try not to eat it before it's finished...

So what do you think of these Christmas ideas? These are all things that I love to do myself so definitely try them if they aren't something you'd normally do yourself and feel free to add more ideas to the comments below!

Christmas Gift Guide | Gifts For Him

Monday, 1 December 2014


I personally love shopping for men, for some reason I find it insanely fun, possibly because I enjoy shopping for my boyfriend and showering him with random things I think he'd like (well I would do if I had money to spare!). With that in mind I've decided to put together a Christmas Gift Guide for the man in your life, whether it be your other half, guy best friend, brother, whoever, there's hopefully something in here that will give you an idea if you're stuck on what to buy.
I've also tried to keep this fairly budget friendly. I'm always on the look out for things that are within my price range though sometimes it is nice to splurge and treat them so there are a few pricier items in this though I'm sure you'll always be able to find a cheaper alternative if needed!

If you're anything like me, you're constantly trying to pry your other half of FIFA, in my case it's because I'm into video games myself and can think of so many other alternatives that are far more interesting and worth their time than FIFA is. If you're one of the 'good' girlfriends who understands how amazing gaming is then why not get them an alternative (and much, much, better) game for them to widow you for? I chose Far Cry 4 as it's a new release for this Christmas and has the appeal of a shooter game but it's set in a huge open-world enviroment and has an actual story to go along with the action but there are so many equally good games that you could go for instead.

Socks are such an underraed present. They're often seen as the 'worst' present to get for Christmas but come on, they keep your toes warm and there's hundreds of funky patterns or colours to choose from! I've gone for a Topman pair wich feature a Christmas style print with turkeys and the phrase "Get Stuffed", perfect for eating Christmas dinner in.

Chances are the man you're buying for will probably already have seen Guardians of the Galaxy and (hopefully) loved it. I've included the soundtrack on here as it's a mix of songs from the 70s and 80s which tie in perfectly with the film and also make a great playlist in general. It's an interesting idea to go along with the film if he already owns that or you could buy them both together as a bundle to nurture his inner geek. 

I'm a sucker for a guy in a jumper, I'm constantly forcing my boyfriend into them but in my defence he looks amazing in them so it's alright. As we still have the rest of Winter to get through after Christmas, a jumper would make a practical yet stylish gift and because it's something that everyone needs it can always be an idea to fall back on if you can't think of anything else.

Shoes are another thing that like socks or a jumper, could be considered boring but if you get it right would make an amazing gift that could last ages plus be well worth the money. A black suede pair like the ones I've featured above would make a great option as they're not too 'out there' and could be worn for daytime or nighttime as well as going with virtually any outfit.
This book is something that could be given as a bit of a joke but is also really useful if you have a guy who maybe doesn't cook as much as he should! Maybe it's me personally but I love cookbooks and I think they're the perfect solution when you never have much motivation to make yourself something healthy or decent. If you don't fancy a cookbook, places like ASOS or Urban Outfitters have plenty of other quirky books to choose from.
A washbag similar to this one would be a great idea as you could fill it with various toiletries or other body care products that are always a favourite at Christmas. It would also make a great gift for someone who travels a lot for work or is lucky enough to be going off on some holiday adventures fairly soon.
This is the most expensive gift on the list so it's definitely something for if you have the money to splurge or just fancy treating him. I really liked this gift set as it featured a watch and cufflinks which definitely makes for an extremely classy gift! I also went for this one over the other sets as I thought it had more of a modern twist on the classic black leather watch style which made it slightly more unique.

Vinyls and record players are definitely becoming more popular now so a vinyl would make a great present for someone who's looking to start his vinyl collection or even add to it. There's probably a vinyl version of any album that you want so you definitely aren't restricted with what you can get. A cheaper option would be going around second hand/vintage or charity shops as they nearly always have a section of old records and you may be able to find a hidden gem for a fraction of the price!

This is the dream gift for the aspiring writer in your life, something like this could be the kick they need to get writing or could even be something they look back on when they're the next Stephen King and remember where they started. It would also be good paired with a fancy notebook, appointent diary, or even letter writing set. 
Similar to the jumper idea, a warm hat is going to be great for the colder months at the start of the New Year and is also cheap and cheerful. Hats also come in a range of styles or patterns so there's literally a choice for everyone, I've gone for this aztec print one as it's similar to the ever popular fairisle option but different enough that they wont look like everyone else. 

Any type of case is another really simple yet useful gift idea as it'll keep his gadgets safe when not being used and save him from having to fork out loads of cash if he ever accidentally cracks a screen!

A scarf would be a handy companion for the hat idea, maybe even throw in a pair of gloves for good measure. Rather than going for a traditional dark red or green checked scarf I chose this bright mustard one as everyone needs a little sunshine on a grey day, even if it's in the form of a garish scarf!  

Cufflinks are a mans alternative to a pair of earrings or a bracelet, they're the perfect way to jazz up a suit along with a tie and maybe a tie pin. I loved this simple black pair as they're the kind of thing that could go with every suit or shirt no matter what the occasion. There are so many other types of cufflinks if you wanted something fancier, I came across some beautiful fox head ones but a sleek pair like this is a failsafe option if you weren't too sure what to go for.

A pillow like this is a really fun idea to bring out the inner child in the guy you're shopping for. Most men always need a little help in the home decor area and something like this would be a great way to throw them in at the deep end. It's colourful without being too over the top and features this really unique dinosaur design, because who doesn't love dinosaurs?! 

I hope this has managed to give you all a few gift ideas if you're stuck on what to buy. I kept it fairly simple but there are so many other great ideas out there so keep your eyes open and don't be afraid to think outside the box! If there's any of your own suggestions that you'd like to add to this then be sure to leave a comment below with some ideas or links to what you like!

Outfit Inspiration | Working Girl

Friday, 28 November 2014

workinggirl copy

I've recently had some incredible news and found out that I've managed to get my dream job and am now an official Topshop employee! This means that I want to up my game when dressing for work as I'll be able to dress slightly more casual and wear more of my own clothes rather than at my previous job. To get me inspired for starting work and give me some clothing ideas I've decided to put together a few outfit wishlists, starting with this one which is excellent for when I'm not feeling like making too much of an effort but still want to look my best. It consists of mainly dark colours but they aren't overly dull thanks to the white on the skirt and glitter in the top and shoes. I've also used all gold jewellery and dark red accents with the lipstick and nails to dress it up and ensure that I don't look like a wall of black! 

Lurex is really in this season and it's something that I personally am crazy about right now. What I loved about this top was that it actually has a sheer back which along with the lurex pattern, adds a twist to what would otherwise be just a plain t-shirt. I paired it with a Gold Filigree Necklace to further break up all the monochrome shades while still keeping it tied in with the gold extras.

Watches are something that I often forget to add to my outfits (probably because mine has ran out of batteries and I keep forgetting to get them changed!) but recently I've been on the hunt for a few new ones as I've started to see them as an accessory as well as a practical option. I've fallen in love with this Olivia Burton one, the black watch face with the gold detailing is a great alternative to the standard white and means it fits in perfectly with the rest of this outfit.

I've never personally tried a Topshop lipstick but I've only ever heard good things from them and I recently found out that the Topshop makeup line is made by the same people who make MAC?! This deep plummy red is the perfect colour for autumn and at under a tenner it's also the perfect present to treat one of your besties to for Christmas.

What caught my eye with these earrings was how they're gold with black stones in them rather than multicoloured gems which are popular right now. It makes them so much more wearable for work and everyday style without looking like you're trying too hard.

I'm really into stacking rings and layering them up which is why I chose this set, they fit with the rest of the gold jewellery but add a slight girly touch with the paler colours and pretty detailing, perfect for drawing attention to your hands and ensuring that they aren't left feeling ignored!

This is one of my favourite pieces from the whole wishlist. I have so many gold chain necklaces which means this would be a great addition to my bracelet collection as I could pair them together but the twisted metal rather than chains would prevent them from looking too matchy and not overwhelm me with thick chains (sorry Christian Grey).

Slipper style flats are one of my favourite shoe styles as they're perfect for every day wear but the shape means they're different to regular flats and therefore just a little bit more ambitious and interesting. The glitter on these is what drew me in as like many other girls out there, I'm insane for anything glittery! The perk of the glitter on these is that it's extremely wearable, the colour isn't too in your face but there's just enough sparkle to make them stand out and add a fancy twist to your daily outfit. 

8. Topshop Matte Nails in Dress Up (Alternative Matte Metallic in Behave)
Berry Red is my current go to nail colour. It matches virtually any look you go for and is always an essential Autumn or Winter shade. The fact that this is matte mixes it up from the standard glossy nail look, and even more so if you went for the metallic alternative. (How does a metallic matte shade even work, I'm intrigued!)

This is definitely my favourite item from the wishlist. I love skirts but often find it difficult to stray from my love of black ones to something more confident. This is where this skirt comes in, the white check adds extra pattern and colour but still keeps it fairly monochrome and within my comfort zone. Perfect for branching out with my choices but not being too bold!

So, what do you think of this outfit? Is it something that you'd consider wearing to work yourself or are there a few items in it that you love, let me know in the comments!

My Gym Clothing Essentials

Sunday, 14 September 2014


Recently I've been on a bit of a health kick and trying to get myself back to a shape which I'm happy in (don't worry I don't want to lose weight, just tone up!) which has resulted in me joining my local gym. Since I've joined I've become more interested in what people wear to the gym and how to stay comfortable yet still look stylish or unique. This led me on a hunt for some gym gear that was practical yet still let me keep an element of individuality that I knew would encourage me to go and work out even more.

When searching for some suitable gym wear with my criteria in mind I came across Activate Apparel, an American company that sells comfy gym tops with catchy slogans and pop culture references. I had a browse through their website and ended up with a wishlist as long as my arm which I slowly narrowed down to a few items, and then chose my two favourites to place an order for. My order came to £33 for two tops and free shipping from America and my order arrived just over a week later which was incredibly fast when you consider it had to come 3000+ miles. All their products are printed on American Apparel tees and tanks which means you're guaranteed to get a high quality product that will last and not fall apart after one wash, something that was apparent as soon as I opened my parcel and felt how soft but strong the items were as I'm a big lover of quality over quantity. The first tank top that I went for was a Buffy the Vampire Slayer themed one as I'm a huge fan of Buffy and of course I needed something to make me feel as badass as her while I'm working out. The second is downright brilliant and I'm so pleased with it as everyone who knows me knows how much I love pizza but also how much I hate running, so this top is completely accurate when it says 'Will Run For Pizza' as that's pretty much the only thing I would ever run for!

Aside from the tops I also have my beloved pair of Nike Air Pegasus 28 trainers. I spotted these in a Nike outlet near me with £40 off (bargain!) and fell in love straight away. They're bright and eye-catching without being, well, a bit un-stylish basically which was the problem I had when trying to find some gym shoes. My love for these was only increased when I tried them on. Oh my god. They're the comfiest shoes I have ever worn. They fit snug on my feet without being too tight and every step I take in them literally resembles walking on pillows. Although as I stated above, I don't run, I can imagine running in these would be a dream and the comfort I feel when walking in them pushes me towards experimenting with running or jogging as I know they'll keep my feet and ankles secure when doing so and will only make it easier.


My last gym wear essentials are simple, sports bra and a well fitted pair of leggings. I'm not too fussed about these two pieces so all I did was purchase another pair of my favourite leggings from H&M and pick up a standard sports bra in Primark. Even though I wasn't too bothered when buying them both of these items are well worth the money I spent as they keep me feeling safely tucked in so my wobbly parts aren't flapping around for everyone to see. I was especially surprised with the sports bra as I didn't expect it to fit as perfectly as it did nor feel anywhere near as comfortable. It's also incredibly flattering and teamed with one of my tank tops and my Nikes I definitely feel pretty damn good about myself when I go to the gym which only makes me more motivated!

In addition to what I'm usually wearing to the gym I also take with me a hoodie in case the walk home is chilly now that it's getting colder and a small tote bag in which I just stash some basic things like my house keys, body spray, water phone, headphones, iPod or a bikini and a towel if I'm going swimming afterwards. I hoped you enjoyed reading about my gym essentials, where do you get your gym clothing from or are you like me and just wear what you like? Don't forget to let me know!

Lush Review | The Comforter Bubble Bar

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

As I've not done a Lush review in months I decided to finally review my all time favourite product by them, the Comforter bubble bar. I can't remember what made me first buy this bubble bar but I'm forever glad that I did as it's now a staple when I want a super pampering bath. The Comforter retails at £4.50 which may seem steep but I usually get between 4 and 6 baths out of it and only use it when I really want to relax and unwind after a hard day so it's well worth the price for me. 

The main thing that attracted me to the Comforter and also the reason why it's my top Lush product is hands down the amazing smell. It radiates blackcurranty goodness which is only enhanced when you crumble it into your bath and lingers on your skin for hours afterwards. It's sweet and fruity without being too overwhelming and I find that it really relaxes me in the evenings, a perfect opposite to a zesty fruit fragrance to wake you up in the mornings. Plus it smells exactly like the taste of my favourite ice lollies (does that even make sense?!). 

Even though I tend to use a fairly small amount of the bar for each bath it still results in beautiful cerise, bubbly and fruity water that's an absolute dream to bathe in and makes me feel like some kind of fairy princess! The only downside I have to this bar is that it doesn't have any added skin benefits such as moisturising it or helping with stiff muscles, but as long as you moisturise afterwards it's not really an issue and you're still left feeling calm and pampered.

All these factors have set me up repurchasing this bubble bar for life and if they ever decide to discontinue it I swear I will be camped outside their main store protesting until they bring it back! What's your all time favourite Lush product, or just your most loved bath product in general? I'm always open to new suggestions! 
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Trip to Brighton | Part I

Friday, 5 September 2014

A few weekends ago me and my mum took a trip to Brighton after being nearby for my Auntie's wedding. I've never been to Brighton but have wanted to go for so long now and I'm really glad I finally got a chance to as I loved every minute of it. It combines some of my favourite things which means it now has a very special place in my heart, vintage, antique and unique shops, the seaside, amazing places to eat, and a giant Urban Outfitters, what's not to love about that? The first day we were there it was extremely windy which resulted in a wild and uncontrollable sea. We had so much fun just sitting on the beach watching the waves go crazy as we live on the wrong side of England to be able to fully appreciate rough seas so when we get to see them it takes our breath away. 


We visited the Palace Pier first and it was incredibly beautiful. It had the tackiness of seaside tourist attractions that I adore, but the general architecture and especially the insides of the penny arcades were classic and beautifully designed. There's loads to do on the pier itself, from food stalls and restaurants to souvenir shops, penny arcades and even a fair with a few roller coasters at the very end. Eventually we ended up spending a few hours just exploring the pier without even realising how much time had gone then made our way into the centre of Brighton to look around even more and get something to eat.

Before we went into the shopping areas we came across the Royal Pavilion. It's a former royal residence that was built in 1787 for George IV as a seaside retreat in an Indian style that was increasingly popular from the end of the 1700s. The building is impressive to see as it's not a style that you'd expect to find in England, although parts of it were quite tatty and could do with a lick of paint and tidy up. We didn't get a chance to go inside but I may do that next time I go back to Brighton as I'd like to see more of the history around it and also find out about its use as a Military Hospital during World War One. 

The actual shopping experience in Brighton was great, it had the range of somewhere like London with it's array of mainstream and vintage/individual shops but on a far smaller scale which made it doable and much to explore without being too overwhelming. It consists of the Lanes, the North Laine district and then the more modern shopping area with the general high street shops and shopping centres. The Lanes and North Laine were full of vintage/antique/unique stores and cute little cafes or restaurants. There was so much to choose from we were spoilt for choice and could hardly decide where to shop or eat, vintage style ice cream parlours or antique bookstores? It really was absolute heaven for me.

We ended up settling down for brunch in a 40's style teashop called 'That Little Teashop in the Lanes', I went for scrambled eggs and salmon on muffins and it was delicious, I always forget how much I love salmon until I have it with a muffin and egg! After we'd eaten we had a further look around the Lanes, popping in and out of shops if we fancied the look of them. Eventually we went to look around the high street area, mainly in the giant Urban Outfitters as I rarely purchase anything from them online but always find clothes that I love in store. I could have bought so much from there but unfortunately I didn't have much money and wanted to save it to buy a few thing for the boyfriend instead. After UO we ventured in to the indoor shopping centre and came across a Lego store. Straight away I knew that the perfect present for my boyfriend would be a mini build-your-own Lego figurine of himself (and of course one for me too). I was definitely the oldest person there but probably had way more fun than the kids did building myself and hunting around for the perfect hair or top!

It was late afternoon by the time we were done shopping so we decided to go and check in to the hotel and have a lie down before we went out for dinner as I was absolutely shattered after a solid eight hours of walking around. We just stayed in a Travelodge as we were only there for one night and it was nothing special but fine for what we wanted and in a good location for the seafront and central Brighton. When we were feeling re-energised we stepped out again, this time to find somewhere to go for dinner.  

Brighton has a huge range of restaurants, cafes, ice cream parlours or whatever else may take your fancy, so it was such a tough decision to find somewhere we wanted to eat with so much to choose from. In the end we went for a fancy seafood restaurant that was a little out of our price range but smelt absolutely delicious and had a beautiful outside area which we were seated in. I chose mussels with fries whereas my mum had a crab platter but we ended up ordering some bread to mop up the sauce from the mussels with as it was absolutely incredible and we didn't want to waste it!

To finish off our first day in Brighton we went back to the Pier to do the penny arcades and see it with all the lights on at night. Before we did that however, we decided to have a ride on the Brighton Wheel. I'm so glad we did this as we had a beautiful view over Brighton, the Pier, and the surrounding areas for absolutely miles just as the sun was setting. As it was pretty windy that day the cars on the wheel were rocking as we got higher and seeing my mum freak out was so funny to watch as she's normally totally calm in situations like that. 

When we were safely back on land we slowly made our way back along the pier, stopping occasionally to take in the view and watch Brighton and its residents get ready for the approaching night. In the penny arcade we had all our loose change swapped for copper pennies and went on a mission to see what we could win. Something that made the Pier's penny arcade even more fun than the usual ones was that you could win tickets which could be exchanged for little prizes, I definitely had my eye on a Despicable Me minion cuddly toy but as it was 200 tickets and I only ended up with 20 we decided to give up and passed our tickets on to a boy near us who had somehow ended up with hundreds! 

We were both once again completely shattered when we had finished on the pier so just went back to the hotel to read our books before falling asleep as we had another busy day ahead of us. I'd definitely say our first day in Brighton was a success and although I barely purchased anything I'm already saving up for when I next go back so I can buy so much more and not want to cry when I can't afford anything in Urban Outfitters! So what do you all think about the things we got up to on our first day in Brighton? Can anyone recommend me certain shops or places to eat that I can check out for when I go back, feel free to share them with me whether it's in the comments or via my twitter, If you enjoyed this post make sure to keep your eyes out for Part II which will be up soon!

Burghley Film Festival

Tuesday, 26 August 2014


I'm incredibly lucky as a huge 'history nerd' to live in an area filled with many amazing Stately Homes pretty much right on my doorstep. My mum and I like to visit them often even if it's just for a walk, with one of our favourites being Burghley House as it has a beautiful house, grounds and gardens. So of course when we saw them advertising their annual film festival we immediately went online to check if there was anything we wanted to see and thankfully there was! We were initially stuck between two of their evening showings, one featuring Top Gun and Dirty Dancing, the other had Breakfast at Tiffany's followed by The Notebook. Eventually we chose the latter as we thought it would be fun to have a girly evening out and they're also two of our favourite films.


When the night eventually came around we went off armed with picnic food, blankets, and camping chairs but at least we weren't the only ones as everyone else had the same idea which made it even more exciting. The location of the screen is at the back of the house so we got to walk up the drive (I felt like an absolute Queen) which is normally locked, to the front of the house and around the side to the huge garden at the back. The screen was the perfect size to be able to watch without taking away from the beauty of your surroundings and everyone was able to have a perfect view which meant nobody was fighting for places or sitting on top of each other. There was also a marquee selling alcoholic and normal drinks, popcorn, and various other foods such as salads and BBQ meat. We treated ourselves two alcoholic slushies which were lovely then found our perfect spot and settled down with all our food out to snack on while we waited for the night to begin. 

The combination of the two films was such a well thought out choice by the people who ran the event as they're two of the best romantic films ever and go so well together. It meant that there was something for the older film lovers and the younger ones too, uniting different generations through a love of cinema (and possibly shirtless Ryan Gosling). Before we went I was worried that we wouldn't be able to see or hear the films clearly enough to properly enjoy them but how they had set it all up meant there were no issues at all and they played perfectly. The only downside to the event was that there weren't enough toilets! The rest of it was amazing and so cheap for such a beautiful evening, I'm already planning to go back next year without even knowing what films will be on!

Have any of you ever been to a similar event to this? I'd definitely love to visit more film festivals similar to this, especially FrightFest so recommendations for others are definitely very welcome! 

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