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What's on my iPhone

Friday, 13 December 2013

I recently upgraded from an iPhone 4 to an iPhone 5 and as I've downloaded so many new apps since doing so I thought I'd do a 'What's on my iPhone' post. Now I'm not going to lie, I spend a lot of time on my phone as it has pretty much everything I need on it and I'm a big lover of Instagram. As long as I have my phone, organiser, iPod, kindle and purse I'm set wherever I go. 
Because I spend so much time on my phone it means I love reading these posts on other peoples blogs as it helps me discover new games and apps that other people are loving or see cute ways to organise my phone (yes, I'm really that sad) so I hope that you can find a few new apps that interest you through this!

So to start off, as you go to unlock my phone you see my current background which is the amazing Harry Potter but Christmas themed to get me in the festive spirit. I love to swap around my background when I get bored, I have a folder of images saved off Tumblr and Pinterest to use whenever I fancy a change.

The first page on my phone has the main apps and features that came with the phone such as the camera, calendar, weather, maps and so on. At the bottom of the page you can see where I have the social apps which I use the most for easy access, my email, Instagram, Twitter and messages. The folder named 'Utilities' has most of the apps that I consider 'boring' or rarely use like the compass and stocks. I don't have any music on my iPhone as I use my iPod instead but if you liked this post I may do an iPod version so you can see what music or podcasts I enjoy listening to!

The second page is the main one which has all of my apps separated into folders by their type, social, 'other', fitness, photo editing, simulation games, puzzle games and strategy games. I like to arrange everything in folders as for me it's easier to find what I want and I dislike having a cluttered home screen, plus I like being able to see my background. Although I have them all arranged in to folders, I don't have them named as I prefer to use the emojis because it makes them look cuter.

My social folder is probably one of my most used as it contains all the social networking accounts that I use regularly except for Instagram and Twitter which are pinned to the bottom of my pages. I don't use all of them on a daily basis but I find that having the apps makes it handy to access them when I do feel the urge to have a browse. I also have Pinterest, Etsy and Wanelo in case I need inspiration for something when I'm out and about or fancy seeing what kind of items I could buy. If you wish to add/follow me on anything, all my account names are either alaskayoungx, bekkihmltn, or Bekki Hamilton.

The 'other' folder contains the rest of my social type apps and random ones which don't really have a place or are used less often. The main ones that I use here would be Safari and IGN or the NHL GameCenter if I want to get some updates on the hockey (my favourite sport!). As you'll see, I do have CocoPPa but I'm not currently using any of the cute shortcuts. Occasionally when I get bored I'll go through it and redo all my icons but I'm currently still liking the new iOS theme and want to stick with that for a while.

In the fitness folder are, yup you guessed it, workout apps! Personally I love using these, I never have time to go to the gym and it's so easy to just open one of these apps and do a 10 minute workout when I'm watching tv in the evening. As part of my exercise routine I'll tend to use the leg, butt and belly workout apps and occasionally the yoga ones. I definitely recommend all these apps if you're looking to start exercising more as they're so simple but effective and best of all, free!

The photo editing folder has all of the apps that I use to edit or mess around with the photos I take on my phone and post on Instagram. Afterlight is my go to app when I want to edit my photos, but PicsArt and VSCOcam are both close seconds.

Next up are my games, the first category that I have are my 'simulation' type games. My current favourites are Tapped Out, The Hunger Games and Castle Story. I go through phases of playing a game non stop, then getting bored and not playing it for months so I should really delete some of the ones that I use less or don't like as much. These are my favourite types of games to play as I love progressing/levelling up and having something to show for all the time that I've wasted on them haha!

The second game category that I have is 'puzzle'. I'm currently loving QuizUp which is a trivia game where you can choose topics and take part in a mini questionnaire against other real people, I love doing Harry Potter and Disney because so far nobody has managed to beat me on either of those! I've also got back in to playing Candy Crush as it's a good time waster for when I'm on the bus to work or waiting for something. I also have a few hidden object type games where you have to find objects from a scene, my favourite of these is Gardens of Time which I started playing on Facebook a while ago so I was really excited to see that they'd made an app version.

My third and final category has strategy or race type games in it. I love Plants vs Zombies, right now I'm slowly working my way through the second one as it didn't come out too long ago. I definitely recommend Plague and Bonnie's Brunch 2 if you've not played them, they keep me entertained for hours and are so fun to play.

I hope you enjoyed seeing what I have on my iPhone, definitely let me know if you decided to download any of these apps and tell me what you thought, or feel free to recommend me new ones to check out. I'm always on the lookout for new apps or games to experience.


  1. Oh my gosh I love whats on my phone posts, its a addiction haha. Ive just upgraded too, and I'm glad someone has any many apps as me!

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

    1. I've downloaded even more since I did this post hahah, someone needs to take my phone off me ASAP! x

  2. these are one of my favourite posts am always so nosey so love these sort of posts! new follower :)


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