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Make Up Review | Sleek Lipstick in Papaya Punch

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Today I'll be doing another Sleek product review, but this time for the lipstick 'Papaya Punch'. I'm a big fan of Sleek but this is the first lipstick that I've tried from them as I've only recently started wearing lipstick properly. As with all other Sleek products, I'm definitely impressed and will be purchasing more in other shades.

Sleek Lipstick in 'Papaya Punch'
When experimenting with brighter shades to find out what suited me, I came across this gem. It's a bright coral that looks amazing on, especially when paired with a cat eye look. It's more peachy-pink than orange which made it feel more wearable to me, especially as I don't yet feel confident enough to wear a bright orange coral shade. At £4.99 it's definitely a good price, but I wish the actual lipstick was bigger as it feels quite small compared to others that I own which is a little disappointing.

As it's matte I find that before I apply it I have to give my lips a quick exfoliate and moisturise so it doesn't dry them out too much or highlight any chaps that I may have, although it's still creamy and easy to apply unlike some other matte lipsticks that I've tried. The main bonus of it being matte is that it lasts for a few hours and doesn't smudge or run easily which is great for me as I tend to bite my nails (bad habit, I know!) and sometimes end up smudging whats on my lips through doing this.

Because the shade is fairly bright I sometimes like to pair it with a natural peach gloss to tone it down and make it slightly less drying but it still looks amazing when worn on its own. I'm really glad I decided to purchase this lipstick, it's a perfect colour and seems to suit nearly every skin tone so don't be afraid to be brave and try something bold like this.
What other lipsticks do you own by Sleek? Feel free to recommend me some of your favourite colours for me to try!

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  1. Looks like a gorgeous lipstick! I can never find the shades I want from Sleek at Superdrug ): Josie xxx


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