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Make Up Review | Sleek Face Form Palette in Light

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Sleek Face Form Palette in Light
I'm sure many of you are bored of seeing reviews of this palette, or already own it yourselves and therefore wont be too interested in this but I really wanted to share my thoughts on it! I've actually owned this for a few months now although I had trouble finding it at first as it was sold out whenever I went in a Superdrug store, but I've only just got around to doing my review on it even though I use it as one of my daily makeup staples and recommend it to all my friends. It comes with a contour powder, highlight, and blush and retails at £9.99 from Superdrug or the Sleek website. A more than affordable price for what you get!
The packaging is the usual Sleek style, matte black with their logo on the top. I do love how Sleek packages their items but I find that they get dirty so easily, especially when they've been in my makeup bag with everything  else. Not really a big deal but slightly frustrating when you're trying to take photos for your blog (demonstrated above haha!). 

It's a decent size palette when you think that it contains a blusher, contour and highlight, which fits snugly in the side of my makeup bag. All three shades are the perfect size, you aren't being made to lose out on the actual product in favour of a smaller palette which I think is brilliant. I was especially pleased to see that it comes with a mirror too as I always forget to take a small mirror with me if I'm going out so that will definitely come in handy.

My favourite part of this palette is definitely the blush, it's a beautiful rose-gold shade and one of the main reasons why I decided to finally purchase it. For my every day makeup routine, I'll apply the contour shade just underneath my cheekbones (fishy face galore) then swipe a tiny bit of Collection's Shimmering Glow bronzer on top to give it that extra bit of colour. Personally I find that the contour shade is a little too 'flat' for me and I wish that it was a richer colour or had a subtle shimmer in it but I still like it and think it looks fine on my skin. After applying the contour, I'll add a light layer of the blush on my cheekbones, then using my fingers I dab the highlighter just above the blush and in the center of my cupids bow to highlight the two areas further. All shades are extremely easy to blend and also buildable which means you can have it as light or as heavy as you desire, something for everyone! 

If you've not already purchased this palette then I definitely recommend that you do. Contouring and highlighting is a makeup must if you want to change up your look or add more definition to your face so I consider this palette an essential for that. It's affordable and brilliant quality as are the majority of products by Sleek. It also comes in three other shades (Fair, Medium and Dark) so no matter what skintone you have there'll be a choice for you.

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