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July Haul | Primark & Make Up

Thursday, 1 August 2013

I've not posted a haul in ages and as I've bought a few things recently I thought it was about time I do another one. Most of these are just stuff I picked up in Primark but there are a few make up items which I'll probably try out then review for you.

Primark Bambi crop t shirt - £6

Primark denim skater skirt - £8

Topshop socks - £8 for 3, Primark heart tights - £2.50, Primark knee high socks - £2

Primark daisy dress - £13, Primark cut out dress - £15

I love these dresses so much, they're probably two of my favourite items in my wardrobe right now. They're so soft and comfortable, as well as flattering and go with pretty much anything. I was especially excited to find the daisy print one as I'd been looking at the Topshop daisy print dresses and was umming and ahhing over getting one of them but wasn't too keen on the price. Luckily I saw this which I prefer over Topshop versions and picked it up, the last size 8 as well!

Primark t shirt - £6

Primark underwear - £10
I am a massive fan of Primark underwear, especially the Secret Possessions range. I find that they often stock designs and styles that wouldn't look out of place in Boux Avenue. I can't rave about them enough, especially because as I'm quite flat chested I hate having to fork out £20+ for a bra ("I HAVE TINY BOOBS WHY DO I HAVE TO PAY SO MUCH IT'S NOT FAIR") and at £10 for a matching set which is good quality and gorgeous, they're an absolute bargain!

Primark necklace - £2.50, Barry M Greenberry - £3.99, Sleek Face Form - £9.99, W7 Super Pout - £2.99, Dainty Doll Mineral Powder - £1

I'm lucky enough to have a beauty outlet near me which has a bunch of make up and nail polishes all for great prices (Rimmel Apocalips £2.99, Urban Decay palettes half price, cheap OPI, Dainty Doll make up with more than half off, etc..). I went in today and was so excited to see that they still had in some of the Dainty Doll range, all selling for under £5, I tried out a few products but ended up really wanting the Loose Mineral Powder which was £3.99 (normally around £19 I think) but they only had the tester left in the shade that I wanted. Amazingly they said they'd sell me the tester for only £1! There was still plenty of product left in it so of course I said yes, I'll give it a clean and it'll be as good as new although without a lid or the cute packaging, boo.

Ariel mug - £6, Ariel cup - £4, Primark sweet cherry candles - £2

Next lace tops - £16

Last but not least, I got a few new items from work for my uniform. I love these tops as they're slightly oversized and look great with pretty much anything which means I can wear them out of work too.

I hope you like the items I've bought, especially the Disney mugs and bambi tee. I'm a huge Disney fan and my favourite classic Disney Princess films are The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Pocahontas. What are your favourite Disney films, or have you purchased any Disney related items recently? Let me know in the comments!


  1. i am in love with the bambi crop top and daisy dress! i need to give primark a visit i think

  2. Man, hauls like these make me lust for Primark. Too bad I don't live in the UK :(
    That gold spiked necklace is such a steal! Same with the daisy dress, I've always loved some daisy print. x

  3. The bambi top is amazing but there aren't any in my local Primark *sobs*

    I love pretty much everything else too, especially the socks ♥

  4. Adore the varsity tee!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a fab Sunday xoxo

  5. Wow, great buys! Primark is amazing at the moment, I have the little denim skirt and I'm loving the two dresses!

    Kylie // lazy2lovely

  6. I am in love with everything you brought! Especially everything Disney related :)
    Please check out my blog and even follow, would be great to have your opinion on a few of my posts x


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