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July Favourites

Sunday, 28 July 2013


To start off my posts again after my (way too long) break from blogging, I thought I'd do my first ever monthly favourites post! As I've never done one before I've just chosen a few simple products that I've been using a lot of throughout this past month, including fragrances and the makeup/skin products that have been helping me out in this boiling hot weather.

got2b big volume hairspray | bath & body works secret wonderland fragrance mist | soap & glory glam-a-lot

My first pick for my favourites was the got2b big volume hairspray. I've been leaving my hair with its natural curls a lot more recently and like to use this to keep them under control if I'm going out. This is actually one of the only hairsprays I like as it doesn't leave my hair too 'stiff' and weighed down, plus it lasts for ages which is perfect when I want my curls to stay looking neat! But I'll be honest, the main reason I love this product is because it smells like raspberries!

My second choice is a body spray that I picked up from Bath & Body Works when I was in America last year. I love using it throughout the hotter months as it's a lovely girly fragrance but also very summery, plus it reminds me of my time in America as I used it every day when I was there.

Another body spray that I'm loving right now is the Soap & Glory Glam-A-Lot, I got this for Christmas in a set with two others but this is definitely my favourite. It's similar to the Bath & Body Works spray but has more of a 'heavier' scent if that makes sense?! I've been using the two together a lot to mix them up a little plus they compliment each other perfectly and leave me smelling sweet without being too over the top.

Nivea pure & natural cleansing lotion

Next up is my current favourite cleanser. As soon as I get in from work I use this to remove all my makeup and that's all, it's perfect for these boiling hot days as it moisturises my skin whilst it cleanses. As it's been so hot in England I don't like to use loads and loads of moisturiser to tackle my dry skin and be left feeling sweatier and greasier than I already am, this product does the job for me!

MUA palettes in Undress Me Too & Heaven and Earth

As it's been so hot recently I've been wearing my makeup a lot lighter than usual and found that these palettes are perfect for the simple looks that I'm fond of right now. I'll usually grab one of these in the morning and do a subtle smokey eye then be ready in a few minutes. I love that they have such a good range of colours and are amazing quality when you consider how cheap they are. Absolute bargain! 

Natural Collection Bronzing Pearls in Tropical Tan
These bronzing pearls are current favourite face product as to me they're the perfect mix of bronzer and blusher. They're extremely buildable which means you can wear it as a light shimmer across your cheeks to add a bit of colour, or use it as a more dramatic contour bronze/blush. They also have a slight shimmer in them which means they're perfect for any summer or dewy look that you want to create.

MeMeMe Beat the Blues in Moonbeam (now Pearl Pink?) | Barry M lip paint in 147

Following on with the makeup products, these are two more that I've been using a lot of this summer to create simple looks. The MeMeMe highlighter is probably one of my favourite ever products as it's such a gorgeous colour, applies amazingly, and was only £5 (plus it's apparently a close dupe for Benefit's High Beam!). It's subtle, yet buildable which makes it super appropriate for every day looks but brilliant when you're out for the night and want to 'doll yourself up' a bit more than usual.

My final makeup favourite is Barry M's lip paint in shade 147. I've had this for ages but only recently started using it as I've never been in to wearing lipstick much as I thought it didn't suit my lip shape (silly me, I know). I adore the colour of this, it's a gorgeous peachy-coral that's even lipstick virgins will find wearable. My only fault with this is that it's very drying and shows up any chaps I have on my lips, even if I didn't think I had any.. To combat this I tend to moisturise my lips before I apply it, then go over it with a clear lipgloss to smooth it out. 

Top to Bottom - MeMeMe Moonbeam | Barry M 147 | Natural Collection Tropical Tan

Last but not least.. introducing my new kitten, Jasper! I'll do a proper post on him soon so you can all awww over his cuteness ;)
I hope you've enjoyed my first ever favourites post, I'll try and include more of a range for next months post, maybe even throw in a few books, and video games if that tickles anyones fancy?  Maybe I'll even do a makeup look including some of the bits and bobs from this post. Have any of you ever used any of the products I chose, let me know what you thought of them or link me to your own favourites posts in the comments if you think there's anything I'd be interested in checking out for myself!


  1. ah your kitten is so so cute! I really want to get some lipsticks and start wearing them but I never know what to go for, the barry m one is a really lovely colour though! Might have to try it! ;) xx

  2. what an adorable little kitty!
    i've always wanted to try those MUA pallets


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