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Review | Soap & Glory - Smoothie Star Body Milk

Thursday, 14 March 2013

As a suffer of extremely dry skin I spend so much time and money trying out new moisturisers. I've tried so many different brands and found a few that I like but I still enjoy testing new ones and seeing how well they work with my skin. The most recent addition to my ever growing collection is Soap & Glory's Smoothie Star Body Milk. I've tried a few of Soap & Glory's products and loved them all which has encouraged me to start buying more and branching out with what I purchase from them. 

This isn't the first moisturiser that I've tried by S&G, I also own The Daily Smooth Body Butter which I love, but I'd been hearing about Smoothie Star for a while and was curious after reading about the sweet smell. Every time I went in to Boots I would have a look at it and be so tempted to buy it as it seemed like something that I'd love which led me to purchasing it a month ago. I've been using it after every shower since then and I have to say I'm impressed!

First of all, I think the packaging is brilliant! I know every girl loves S&G packaging but I think this one is definitely one of my favourites. It's super cute and I love the milkshake/smoothie glass on the front. Another brilliant factor is the fact that this has a pump. I definitely prefer moisturisers with pumps over the closed lid kind as I find it's so much easier to use when you're right in the middle of applying it and it means you don't get moisturiser everywhere!

The main reason why this is now one of my favourite products is because of the almonds, oats and brown sugar scent. It's so different to any of my other moisturisers and sweet scents are . For me this is perfect to apply before I go to sleep as it makes me feel more relaxed as opposed to a fruity scent which would wake me up.

As for the actual moisturiser, I think it's perfect. The texture of the cream isn't too thick or too watery. It was extremely easy to rub in and a little goes a long way which makes it great value for money. I found that it was absorbed into my skin quickly but also left it feeling moisturised for hours afterwards so I didn't have to reapply it before I went to bed. It never felt sticky or greasy and I could get dressed again fairly soon afterwards which is great as you all know there's nothing worse than a moisturiser that doesn't sink in and leaves you feeling like a giant block of butter!

Overall I think this is probably one of the best moisturisers that I own. It's quickly became one of my favourites and I will definitely repurchase it when I run out. Have any of  you tried Smoothie Star or any of S&Gs other moisturisers? I'd love to know your thoughts!

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  1. Great review. I love their body butter, but I've not tried the milk...definitely tempted to now I've read your post!
    Would love you to check out my latest outfit post :)
    Have a wonderful weekend Hun xoxo


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