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Nails of the Day 001 | Snow Princess

Sunday, 10 March 2013

This is my first nail related post so I hope you all enjoy it. Now I'll be honest here, I'm rubbish at painting my nails and anything nail related but like most females I love trying out different things or colours on them. I'd been craving a nice white/cream nail varnish for months and finally found the perfect shade by MUA believe it or not! I'm extremely late with the white nail trend but I wanted to do a twist on my usual pastel glitter nails and try white instead. I can safely say I'm in love with it and I'll probably start wearing it a lot more often.

Please ignore the smudges! I'm such a messy nail painter.

To prep my nails I filed, buffed and smoothed them with my Body Shop Nail Block. I definitely recommend investing in one of these if you haven't already as they're such a useful item when it comes to taking care of your nails. Then I applied a Calcium Base Coat that I got in a nail set a few years ago. I always use some kind of moisturising base coat for my nails as I like to ensure that they're protected yet also not being dried out by it. 
The main colour that I used on my nails was MUA's 'All Nude'. I found this slightly tricky to apply as I'm not fond of MUA's nail brushes but it dried quickly and was fairly opaque for such a light colour which I was impressed with. For £1 I can't really complain, plus as I mentioned above it's the exact shade that I've been searching for!

Base Coat | All Nude | Jack Frost | Clear Sparkle

I applied 3 or 4 coats of 'All Nude' then when it had dried I added the glitter polish. I initially used Model's Own 'Jack Frost' but the glitter flakes in it didn't suit the base colour as in some lights they're more orangey yellow than blue. Instead I ended up using 2true Glossywear nail polish in 'Shade No 1 Clear Sparkle'. This is one of my favourite glittery polishes as it has small silver flecks in it but a slight purple sheen to it. I added two layers of this for an even coverage then left it to dry. 
Finally I used one layer of the Leighton Denny 'Crystal Finish' top coat. I got this in a set at Christmas and it's definitely my favourite top coat. It applies so well, dries quickly and is the perfect amount of 'shiny' for me. 

What did you think of this nail look? Can any of you recommend me another glittery nail polish but this time with a blue or purple base/glitter flecks in it! Let me know. :)



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