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February in Instagram

Monday, 4 March 2013

I can't believe it's March already! I bet I'm going to say that when every new month comes but still, the past few months have gone so quickly I can't believe it. I've started to do more hours at work which has left me with hardly any spare time to blog but as I have Fridays off I'm going to spend them as an organising/blogging day. What have you all been up to recently? Who's started making plans for their summer holidays?! I think I'm just going to Wales this year but I'm still very excited as it's one of my favourite places to be.

the most amazing cheesecake ever | new games | cute cafe in town | new DS!
my new favourite juice | tidy bed | view from my bed | yummy stir fry
malteaster bunnies, yum! | wednesday addams inspired | kitty ears | breakfast
such a good film | wore lipstick for the first time ever | my velvet vans | best pizza
disney princess stickers | toffee sundae | steak | curled my hair


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