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Review | L'Oreal Wild Ombre

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Sorry I haven't posted in a while, I've been very busy with work this week and sorting out documents for something that'll hopefully be a big change in my life (I'll tell you all about that soon!).
Recently I've been so bored of my hair, so on Friday I decided to do something different and picked up the L'Oreal Preference Wild Ombre kit in Shade 01. Now I've had ombre hair before a couple of years ago but my hair wasn't as long as it is now so it didn't really look as good as it could have. Last time I did it the L'Oreal ombre kits weren't around so I used this, which personally I thought worked a lot better than the ombre one.

To start off, I love the packaging on this. I think it's so up to date and instruction leaflet/gloves that it comes with really make it feel just that tiny bit more expensive than some other brands do. As always the dyes were easy to mix together, but then it started to go downhill for me. Personally I thought the instructions were a load of rubbish, they made no sense and how they told you to apply the bleach was nothing like how you would need to do it to get ombre hair. Firstly it tells you to start it between chin and ear length like the model on the box which to me is way too high up and not a good look. Then secondly it tells you to apply the bleach all at once, so I don't understand how that'll give you a gradual ombre look as when I've done it before I've applied it in different stages so the ends of my hair are lighter than the middle and top sections. I don't have my packaging any more but someone told me that it actually says it'll 'create a two-tone dip dye effect' on your hair, which is definitely not ombre so I am slightly annoyed that they advertise it as an ombre hair kit. 

What I was aiming for
I applied the bleach by parting my hair in sections then adding one layer of it up to where I wanted it to start and left it for 35 minutes, checking it regularly. I couldn't use the brush that came with the kit as my hair is way too thick and it wouldn't brush through. When the time was up I washed out the bleach then dried my hair and noticed it had hardly been lightened at all so I put the bleach on again, this time starting a little lower. I had to keep repeating this process, each time starting the bleach lower to get the gradual effect as it was just not lightening my hair at all. In the end I got sick of it and mixed up a bit of normal hair bleach with shampoo and left that on my hair for 10 minutes which lightened it way more than the ombre kit had done. I wasted a lot of time reapplying the bleach and trying to get it to work when last time I did this I used the highlighting kit I linked above and it only took me an hour or so to get it right.

What I got. My hair is a lot more orange than it looks here (and more even!)
Another thing that I didn't like about this kit was that it's left my hair really ginger and dry. I've bleached my hair so many times that I've lost count and it's never been this dry or gone this bright shade of orange. Not impressed! I don't mind the results but because my hair is so dry I'm going to have to leave it a few months before I can lighten it any more to get the brassiness out and have it the blonde shade I initially wanted.
Overall I wouldn't recommend this or use it again, it was way too much hassle and although it did work eventually that was only after I put on normal bleach. I think it would work better if you just wanted to dip dye your hair and not have a gradual effect but as I've mentioned previously, they shouldn't advertise it as an ombre kit as that's not what it is. Have any of you ever used this before, did you have a better experience than I did with it?


  1. I won't use that kit because it made my ends so dry and a horrid ginger colour, i just got normal bleach started from the bottom with the colour then worked my way up and left it for about 30mins and my hair was blonde and not ginger! It still looks nice on your though
    Elle x

  2. I've recently used this kit to ombre my hair too. At first I really liked it, but the more time goes on, the more I'm realising it's not perfect. I have to agree, the instructions were rubbish. My friend did mine, as i've never dyed my hair before! And we started by applying to the tips and working up to give the tips longer with the dye & to get a gradual effect, and then waited 25 minutes - as my hair has never been died and is only a medium brown I didn't want to leave it the full 45 incase it turned too blonde and was an obvious difference- I didn't want it to look dip dyed! - then we went back and did the tips again to make them lighter. It has graduated really well, i'll give it that, but I think it could have used slightly longer as mine too looks a little ginger under certain lights. I'm finding that using a john frieda tone correcting shampoo is helping to keep it looking slightly blonder and taking out some brassiness, so that might be worth a try whilst your unable to put more dye on! I think i'll definitely be going over mine to lighten it!!

    Sorry this comment turned out so long :)
    Tasha x

  3. Aw, sorry to hear this product didn't work for you...

  4. Oh wow your hair looks amazing! :D

    please check out my blog if you have the time!

  5. I don't think it looks to bad :) Hope you find a way to fix it so you get happy!

    /Stephanie / http://

  6. Shame this ombré kit didn't work for you, but I actually like the results x

  7. i love your blog!! would you like to follow each other?? let me know in my blog!!

  8. I've always wanted to do my hair like this, it looks amazing! great blog! now following:)

  9. Really interesting read. I have done this to my hair before but just the usual bleaching method but I had always wondered about this kit too! xx

  10. I enjoyed your review - I've been wondering how this kit works for a while now, shame to hear it's not so great! I think it looks quite nice, but it's not what I'd expect it to do either. And if it's quite orange even after normal bleach then I wouldn't bother using it either! I hope you get it how you want it soon :) xx


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