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Primark Haul - January 2013

Monday, 14 January 2013

Me and my mum went to Primark the other day to have a proper look around the new store and see if there was anything we liked. I did initially want a new jacket and a onesie but they didn't have any so I got a few other things instead. I'm really loving Primark at the moment, probably because I've never really had the chance to go there a lot as I didn't live near a store but I also think that the quality and variety of what they sell has improved a lot recently, they seem a lot more up to date with the latest styles too. I already want to go back in the next few weeks to have a look for the new Disco Pants that everyone's been talking about! 

More tea towels - £1.20 each
Leather look studded flats - £8.00 down from £10.00

Cable knit socks - £2.50
Cross earrings and jewel necklace - £1.50 and £1.00 down from £2.00

Camo tote bag - £1.50

Cuffed sweatpants - £7.00

Floral print pyjama bottoms - £6.00
Have any of you tried on Primarks disco pants? What were they like compared to the American Apparel versions, I'm dying to know!  


  1. I'm in love with those tea towels, I saw them in there last time I went in but told myself I didn't need them. Oh I was wrong :( I have those pj bottoms as well!
    I didn't know primark had disco pants!? Let me know if you get any and what they're like!x

  2. i never knew Primark were selling disco pants either! i can guarantee my local store them though:(

    good post! x

  3. Neat haul :) such fair prices too.
    Wish Australia had Primark, sigh ;)


  4. Those sweat pants look super comfy! I love Primark :)


  5. I bought those pj bottoms, I only wish I had bought the track suit bottoms too!


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