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Day Out To Hunstanton

Saturday, 12 January 2013

On Saturday my mum, Grandad, his dog and I all went to Hunstanton beach. We only live an hour away and it's our nearest beach (other than Skegness which we hate) so we left at 9 and got a McDonalds breakfast and coffee on the way! We normally park at Old Hunstanton which is a cute little village then walk along the beach to Hunstanton town to get some chips and doughnuts then walk back. It's an interesting walk to do because it's all along the bottom of the cliffs and there's loads of little rock pools on the way to explore. Afterwards we went and had a look around some of the shops in the Village including the Antiques and Craft shop where I got some old postcards for 50p each. It wasn't as cold as we expected even though there's supposedly snow on the way, but we all wrapped up warm anyway just to make sure. I'll admit that it's not one of the nicest looking beaches around and there's no big sand dunes to roll down like at Harlech (my favourite beaches are in Wales and Cornwall) but it's still beautiful in it's own way! Do any of you know of some good beaches around England, what are your favourites? I've got a New Years Resolution to start travelling more and I always love going to beaches so any recommendations would be welcome!  
Sunset | Being grumpy listening to Now That's What I Call Disney in the car

The bottom of the cliffs here are Red Chalk, the top is White Chalk!

Loads of razor shells had been washed up, so much fun to walk on!

Mum, Grandad and Muffin the dog exploring the rock pools.

Hunstanton in the distance.
Love doughnuts! | My postcards from the antique shop


  1. such nice pictures, looks b e a utifullll. reminds me of rocky beach near me called kilve <3
    nice blog too, wanna follow each other? xxxoxooxo

  2. Lovely photographs, sounds like a lovely day. Much nicer than Skegness, you're right!



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