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Day Out To The Butterfly & Wildlife Park

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Owls & Hawks

The other day me and my mum went to the Butterfly and Wilflife Park about 45 minutes away from us. I remember going when I was little with my mum and my cousins but we haven't been in ages so we decided to go again as it had stopped raining for once!

We had a really nice day out and got there early enough to see them feeding the racoons and watch a bird of prey demonstration then later on held an owl and got to meet some of the others. The park is fairly small but cute and has a tropical house with butterflies, birds, fish, reptiles and even a turtle called George. Outside they also have racoons, ferrets (so adorable!), goats, sheep, water buffalo, llamas, owls, hawks, and other birds.

Apart from  a group of school children we were pretty much the only people there which was great as it meant we got to talk to the keepers about the animals for a while and be able to see some of the owls up close and even stroke them. I took a lot of photos during the day and I thought I'd make a proper little day out post and include them all so here you go!

Glasswing Butterfly

George the Tortoise!

 We got to stroke this owl, he was part of the bird demonstration and unbelievably soft.

Doves Nesting, you can see the eggs underneath.  

Toasted Tea Cakes to finish.

 I hope you enjoyed this post! If you know any other good wildlife parks like this one feel free to recommend them to me, I'd love to hear about your favourites. 

Graze Box 001

Wednesday, 9 May 2012

  Japanese Rice Crackers with Nori Seaweed | Forest Nuts | Apple & Cinnamon Flapjack | Poached Pear with Lemon Sultanas and Vanilla Pumpkin Seeds

By now I'm sure pretty much everyone has heard of graze, but a few days ago my mum subscribed to it as part of her new health kick to try and lose weight. The boxes are the perfect size to be able to fit through your letterbox and only cost £3.79 including delivery. When you first sign up you can choose the types of snacks you want to receive, and the ones that you don't which I think is a good idea that could also be used for glossybox and other beauty boxes i.e. choosing to receive hair product samples but not skin ones. Everything seems to be under 200 calories and all on the healthier end of the food scale which makes graze a perfect choice for anyone looking to lose weight or give to their kids to munch on instead of crisps and sweets.

The first one arrived today and I was pleased to see that it's all packaged in cardboard and plastic which makes it extremely easy to recycle and protect the environment. It also contains a booklet which gives you information about all the snacks including all that nutritional jazz.
I tried all of the foods except the nuts as I'm allergic, and only one of the flapjacks as I'm also allergic to oats which is the worst thing ever for me as I love flapjacks so much. The rice crackers and flapjacks were definitely my favourite, the crackers were quite spicy but not so bad they burn your mouth and leave you gasping for water. Even though I can't eat a lot of oaty foods I thought the flapjacks were delicious, they were really sweet and soft which made me want to eat them all! The poached pear was surprisingly nice as were the vanilla pumpkin seeds and sultanas although they didn't really taste lemony in my opinion. 

Overall I think everything is of a very high quality and tasty which I didn't expect as the price is so low. The snacks fill you up nicely and satisty any little hunger cravings you may be having which makes them ideal for 2am munchies. I'll be eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next box to see what's in that one and review it too!
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